• Mid Winter Break

    Mid Winter Break School is closed

    PS/IS 266 Q
  • 51-60 Marathon Pkwy, Queens NY, 11362

    Middle School Basketball Game


    PS/IS 266 Q
  • PS/IS 266Q Gymnasium

    Middle School Basketball Game

    vs 147

    PS/IS 266 Q
  • 189-10 Radnor Road, Queens, NY 11423

    Middle School Basketball Game


    PS/IS 266 Q
  • Senior Trip

    Where: Six Flags Great Adventure When: Wednesday, June 5th, 2024
    Cost: $140.00 per student including coach bus transportation, park entrance, meal, snack, and drink.
    What time are we leaving school the morning of the trip?
    •We will board our coach buses by 7:00AM and leave no later than 7:15AM.
    •Students attending the trip will assemble in the front yard.
    •Students will not go to homeroom and will remain in the yard until all supervising staff are present
    and we can take attendance before boarding our buses.
    •We will line up our buses in the oval on Campus Road and board as soon as the buses arrive.
    What time will we be returning?
    •We anticipate boarding our buses at 4:00 PM and returning back to PS/IS 266Q no later than
    6:30 PM.
    •We will keep students updated during the ride home if we will arrive earlier than 6:30 PM and
    instruct students to call their parents/guardians (yes, cell phones are permitted on the trip) so
    everyone knows our ETA back to school.
    •In the event a student does not have a phone, a chaperone will arrange to notify a parent/guardian if
    the pick up time changes.
    What should we bring and pack ?
    •Clothing will be weather-dependent.
    •Sneakers are highly recommended
    •All students must wear their school shirt throughout the whole trip.
    •Students can leave belongings on the bus if there is a question as to what to bring into the park.
    •No big bags are allowed. You may bring a string bag, a crossbody bag, or a fanny pack to secure
    your phone and money.
    •Six Flags Great Adventure is a cashless park. Therefore, students can exchange money for a Park
    Debit Card or can use Apple Pay or a gift card to purchase anything they may want to purchase.
    •Remember if you are going on rides you will need to bring all your stuff with you.
    •The Senior Trip Payment of $140.00 is due by Friday, March 22nd, 2024.

    PS/IS 266 Q
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